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Together, we create a greener future by making renewable energy investments widely accessible and contributing towards 100% renewable power usage globally.


Be our referral and get rewarded while making social and environmental impact.

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Lyght streamlines the entire onboarding, sales, and leaseback process by leveraging on technology and financial innovations. Enabling solar energy producers to secure new segments of energy buyers faster at an attractive solar project value.  

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Know someone that is interested in making a difference through green energy investments? Find out how Lyght can boost your investment portfolio to reflect your best vision for the future.

Be Our Ambassador

Passionate about the future of our environment and the adoption of renewable energy? Join us in our quest towards 100% renewable energy production and usage through sustainable, responsible and impactful investments.

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Together, we can make a difference towards green energy production. Lyght welcomes solar energy producers to explore listing on our platform to allow more individual buyers to be part of the green energy production cycle.

Sowing the Seeds of ESG Investment

ESG investing focuses on three simple concepts.


E (Environmental) investments include companies that are committed to creating awareness on climate change and reducing carbon footprints.


S (Socially-conscious) companies focus on people-related elements like company culture and factors impacting employees, customers, communities-social factors towards diversity, human rights and consumer protection.


G (Governance) is about commitment to diversity, transparent and non-discriminatory practices among stakeholders, including employees and shareholders. 

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Lyght- A Sustainable Investment Opportunity


Enable your investment portfolio to reflect the best vision for our future. 

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