It is now easier than ever to partake in the global movement to achieve carbon neutrality through your investments

Lyght enables any individual to participate in environmentally impactful projects whilst generating recurring income at competitive rates

with full transparency.

Generate a Social & Environment Impact along a Financial Return


We make it simple to participate in stable and well-structured sustainability projects directly with energy producers to enjoy a long-term recurring return while making a social and environmental impact.

Generate Clean
Green Energy

Accelerating the Growth and Adoption of Green Energy

even as Individual.

Invest in a  Greener Future.

Earning Profit
With a Purpose

Generate long-term Recurring Revenue from Leasing your Panels for sales of electricity to Utility Companies or Corporates 

The Power of 
the Green Crowd

Join a global community with a common goal to create a sustainable energy future by achieving carbon neutrality.

Participate in 3 Simple Steps:


Sign up as an Approved Buyer on Lyght to view potential Solar Projects.


Select your preferred Solar Projects and Indicate your participation volume.


Complete purchase & lease your panels to enjoy recurring rental income.


A Variety of Solar Projects

Roof-Based Projects
Residential Projects
Ground-Based Projects
Surface-Based Projects

Lyght addresses the current limitations of participating in Traditional Green Industry.


Limited & Technical Information

Industry knowledge needed to understand the solar industry to avoid fraud & misinformation.

Transparency & Upfront Info

Providing clear, simple-to-understand key points for buyers to make informed decisions to participate in valued solar projects.


Risk of Financial Mismanagement

Direct fund transfers create opportunities for deceit and no clear accountability of money flow.

Clear Accountability on Fund Flow

Engaging a partnering bank to facilitate all movement, placement, and settlement of

funds through a Trust account.


High Barriers of Entry

Extremely high capital requirements to start or be part of the growing solar industry. No point of entry for most within a closed market.

Small Volumes Participation

Enabling buyers to start small by participating in solar projects starting from a single panel at a time.


Risky & Unclear Management

Unclear responsibilities of operation and maintenance result in an unstable and underperforming solar projects. 

Stable & Passive Returns

Working with the best in class EPC companies and energy producers to maintain optimum performing solar projects over time.


Expensive & Numerous Process

High legal, government, and numerous documentation cost that contributes to long deployment time and hassle. 

Simple, Direct & Layman

Simplify the entire process by issuing standardised legal contracts and clear explanations for each step of the way.


How do We Differentiate Ourselves?

Partnering with Reputable Energy Producers

with Secured PPAs

Lyght streamlines the entire process by offering

A Single, Unified, Digital purchase and participation experience

backed by a suite of technologies across operations, processes & delivery.

Omni-Channel, Streamlined Onboarding Process

Experienced Management Team with Core Specialties

Usage of Trust Accounts for all fund transactions for peace of mind

Transparent Cost & Returns Structure

Robust Due Diligence and Risk/Return Analysis 

Clear Feedback & Knowledge Base to Provide True Clarity

Interested to Participate in Solar Projects?

Lyght provides green energy projects that generates a long-term stable recurring revenue tailored to your investment appetite.

Have a Solar Project secured with an existing PPA?

Lyght enables energy producers to secure buyers instantly and unlocks previously inaccessible capital for your renewable energy projects.

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